iQ Risk Score Beta Test: Promising Results and a Glimpse into the Future of Domain Security

Over the past 18 months, the team at IQ has been developing our own solution to tackle the critical challenge of domain risk assessment. Without fanfare, we've been gathering valuable feedback from partners, analysing existing feed results, and sprinkling in some AI, LLMs, and our expansive database of abuse reports to bring iQ Risk Score to life.

iQ Risk Score is an advanced threat feed built to proactively assess the risks associated with  domain names at the point of registration. While other solutions may stop at a numerical rating, iQ Risk Score delivers detailed insights and evidence into the specific risk factors driving the overall score. This level of transparency empowers businesses, enabling them to make informed decisions and take decisive actions to mitigate potential threats.

During the past few months, we've transitioned from internal testing to a closed beta with industry partners.

Here's a sneak peek at some initial findings:

  1. Context is crucial: iQ Risk Score recognises the significance of considering the broader context surrounding a domain name. This innovative approach allows us to distinguish between seemingly similar domains like "mothersagainstfentanyl.tld" and "buycheapfentanyl.tld," reducing both malicious registrations and minimising false positives.
  2. Pattern recognition: iQ Risk Score demonstrates remarkable aptitude in identifying recurring patterns in registrations. Quickly tagging DGA (Domain Generation Algorithm) domains, brand alternatives, and typos as potential threats, iQ Risk Score helps protect against known malicious actors.
  3. Time to Identification: One of iQ Risk Score's most impressive achievements is our industry-leading Time To Identification (TTI). A critical KPI that measures the time it takes for another feed to report a domain, iQ Risk Score's ability to quickly identify and flag potentially malicious domains gives businesses and security teams a head start, often making the difference between allowing malicious actors to carry out their activities and stopping them before causing significant harm.
  4. Cross-matching: iQ Risk Score's pattern recognition extends to the monitoring of over 230 million daily domains. When we spot potential abuse at one partner, we cross-check their registered domains and monitor new registrations for this new pattern, promptly warning them before others may be affected. By leveraging TTI, iQ Risk Score provides partners with a critical head start in mitigating threats.

As we continue to refine and enhance iQ Risk Score, our commitment remains steadfast: staying ahead of emerging threats and ensuring our customers have access to the most comprehensive and reliable domain risk assessment solution possible.

Questions? Feel free to contact us to learn more about iQ Risk Score and how it can help your organisation..