Gain valuable domain industry pricing insights

Access TLD pricing from 100+ retailers worldwide enabling you to streamline and optimise your pricing strategy

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Over 110 Retailers worldwide
120 000+ Price Points
Updated every 24 hours
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Spending time manually reviewing TLD prices across countless Registrar websites is a thing of the past.

Automate price tracking, save time and boost competitiveness with our easy-to-use API

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Streamline & optimise your pricing strategy

Stay Competitive

Harness real-time retail price monitoring to maintain your edge in the market

Optimize Pricing Strategy

Benefit from critical insights to refine your sales strategy

Understand Market Dynamics

Examine how price adjustments impact sales, helping you choose the best strategy

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Monitor, analyse and compare 

retail pricing data

Our comprehensive data collection covers all the key information you need for a strategic analysis

Retailer Name 

And Associated IDs

Top-Level-Domain Name

Across all gTLDS and ccTLDs

Create, Renew & Transfer price

Automatically collected

Price Validity Period

From date and to date

Pricing in USD, EUR & local currency

More currencies coming soon

Promotional Pricing Data

Spot trends & adapt your offers accordingly

Simple, transparent pricing

Choose the plan that suits your needs

Price profiles
Your price

Price Profiles are calculated based on how many TLDs and Retailers you wish to monitor. e.g. 5 TLDs x 10 Retailers = 50 Price Profiles. Learn more

Flexi Features

Access to current data

Flexible pricing based on your needs

Instantly add new price profiles to track

Enterprise Features

All Flexi features plus...

Access to Historical Data

Request Additional Retailers

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Automate price tracking, save time and boost competitiveness with our easy-to-use API

Frequently asked questions

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What is IQ Price Tracker?

IQ Price Tracker is a service that allows you to access TLD pricing from 90+ Retail Registrars Worldwide via an easy to use API interface.

How does IQ Price Tracker work?

IQ Price Tracker works by monitoring pricing information of all TLDs (including ccTLDs) for selected Retailers. Prices are refreshed daily

Through the API you are then able to request Pricing Profiles for your preferred TLD / Retailer combination

What Retail Registrars do you monitor?

iQ Price Tracker monitors 110+ Retailers Worldwide. If you have a specific list in mind, please send them to us know and we can confirm if we have them

What is a Pricing Profile?

Pricing Profiles are the  TLD / Retailer combination you want to monitor.
For example: 5 TLDs x 10 Retailers = 50 Price Profiles

Each Price Profile includes the following data points:

  • TLD
  • Date
  • Retailer
  • Create Price
  • Renew Price
  • Transfer Price
  • Is a Campaign running
  • Campaign Create Price
  • Campaign Renew Price
  • Campaign Transfer Price
How often is the pricing information updated?

Our system updates pricing every 24 hours

What currencies does it support?

IQ  Tracker currently shows pricing  in USD, EUR and the local currency. More currencies will be available in the next update.

Do you have API docs?

Yes. They are accessible at here

Is there a user interface?

A user interface is currently unavailable but is planned for the next update.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by contacting us here and providing 30 days written notice to the other party