Instantly evaluate domain name risks at registration

AI-Driven cyber threat detection

Introducing iQ Risk Score

iQ Risk Score identifies suspicious registrations, leading to quick takedowns to prevent harm, reduce costs, and deter threats.

The consequences of malicious registrations

Malicious domain registrations pose social threats, causing harm to individuals, financial losses for registrars, and damaging the reputation of both registrar and registry. These activities also erode trust in the DNS system.

mockup of a fake paypal login page
The challenges of prevention

To tackle these issues, some Registries and Registrars implement strict verification, creating purchase friction and reducing domain accessibility. Manual review is impractical, leading to the common approach of handling fraud reactively.

a list of unverified domain names
Our solution

Identify patterns, trends, and potential risk areas

Our state-of-the-art platform collects and analyzes data from diverse sources, including financial records, customer feedback, market trends, and social media sentiment. By applying advanced algorithms, we identify patterns, trends, and potential risk areas. The iQ Risk Score methodology ensures a comprehensive evaluation, enabling you to make confident decisions and proactively mitigate risks.

Deter Threats
Quickly shutting down malicious actors deters further fraudulent registrations.
Prevent Damage
Downtime is costly and potentially crippling to you or your customers.
Minimize Costs
Reduce customer churn, increased infrastructure costs and higher insurance premiums.
How it works

A solution for assessing domain risk

Proactively assess the risks associated with particular domain names at registration

Trained on over 100 million historical threat reports.

iQ utilizes the Abuse Repository, a vast collection of over 100 million threat reports, as training data to teach AI how to assign risk scores to domain names accurately. This enables precise and effective scoring of domains for potential risks.

Risk scoring methodology

The iQ Risk Score algorithm utilises a variety of factors to accurately assess domain names for potential risk. Some of these factors include linguistic analysis, string entropy analysis, typos and homoglyph analysis, trademark similarity, abuse affix analysis, domain property analysis, and DGA detection.

risk scoring diagramrisk scoring diagram
Linguistic and Entropy Analysis of Domain Names
Linguistic and entropy analyses swiftly gauge domain risk, evaluating pronounceability and randomness to detect potential malicious use.
Detecting Deceptive and Infringing Domains
Analyzing typos, homoglyphs, and trademark similarities helps identify deceptive domains, while abuse affix analysis spots patterns indicative of malicious activities.
Domain Property and DGA Analysis
Domain property analysis examines DNS, web content, and history, while DGA detection identifies algorithm-generated domains often used for malware control.
Use cases

Tailored risk assessment for every digital aspect

Pre Provision
Before an order is placed, iQ Risk API  assess domain risk, allowing for rejection of risky orders to prevent fraud and protect revenue. If the risk score fails, the order could be rejected.
Post Provisioning
Post-creation risk assessment with iQ Risk API flags high-risk domains for review, preventing harmful domains from staying active and protecting the public.
Using the iQ Risk Score API to assess domain risk before placing orders can reject high-risk transactions, preventing fraudulent orders and protecting revenue.
Domain Search
A domain spinner tool integrated with the iQ Risk Score API filters out risky domain suggestions, reducing the chance of fraudulent registrations.
The iQ Risk Score API

Easy implementation and quick results with the iQ Risk Score API

The API's scalable architecture and optimization for quick response times with minimal latency ensure that the risk assessment is delivered promptly and efficiently.

api diagramapi diagram

By requiring only the domain name as input, the iQ Risk Score conducts a thorough and accurate risk analysis using advanced AI

API input

In the current version of iQ Risk Score, the only information required to perform a Risk Score is the domain name. No personal infomration is needed.

screenshot of api input

API Response

The response from the API will return a categorization that is either malicious or benign, a confidence score and reasons as to why the AI has made the categorization

screenshot of api output

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