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Introducing iQ Domain Analytics

Existing domain management tools lack industry-specific focus, requiring manual work and relying on generic solutions. iQ Analytics presents a specialised platform catering to gTLD and ccTLD Registries, offering precise campaign tracking and actionable insights for Registrar performance.

Gain insights and analytics
Make data driven decisions
Manage and grow your namespace
Collect and analyze data from multiple sources
Measure and analyze your registry KPIs
Manage and measure ROI on promotions
Platform Overview

iQ Analytics collects data from multiple sources to provide detailed reports and insight.

The iQ Analytics Platform automatically collects data from multiple sources to analyze and combine them in unique ways to provide rich and detailed reports and insight. The iQ Analytics API enables the Registry to offer enhanced features on their websites, portals and dynamic ads.

Domain Analytics platform overview
iQ Analytics Dashboard

Gain an overview of Key Registry Metrics and view all reports

The iQ Analytics Dashboard provides and overview of Key Registry Metrics and provides access for users to view all available reports. iQ Analytics is made to be flexible and customizable, hence all reports and views can be tailored to the specific registry needs.
domain analytics dashboard

All the reports you need to stay informed

Transaction Reports

Smarter every day with Transaction Reports

The daily, weekly and monthly reports allows you to understand what is happening in your Registry from day to day. The data rich reports includes transactions categorized and summarized based on transaction type and by Registrar.

Registrar Performance can be compared to previous periods and Registrars running marketing campaigns are highlighted. The Daily Report includes a detailed list of all transactions by domain name for that given day. The registrants location are also visualized on a world map.

detail of a transaction reportdetail of a transaction reportdetail of a transaction report
Campaign Reports

Campaign Reports reveals your ROI

Effective campaigns and marketing activities play a crucial role in TLD growth. The Campaign Reports provide precise insights into your campaign performance, automatically calculating Registrar-specific metrics during and after the campaign.

The report calculates the actual renewal rate and uses estimated renewal rates for the remaining periods.

Domain Reports

Domain Reports tells the lifetime story

The domain report automatically retrieves a fresh website screenshot and presents you with all details regarding the domain, such as website screenshots, WHOIS details, Premium Names status and all historical transactions related to the domain.

The domain reports are useful when providing registrar or end user support. You can immediately see the full story and be able to solve issues faster.

Sales and marketing tools

Tools to sell and promote your LTDs

iQ Analytics comes with an API that allows for easy integration to the registries main website, campaign landing page or other portals. This enables the registry to better sell and promote its TLD.
domain search ui component
Domain Search

The API provides status about a domain name: if it’s already registered, a premium name, ICANN reserved etc. It can also provide a list of the most recently registered domains.

api search results example
Search Results

The API shows which Registrars are currently running campaigns, the current retail price and much more. It also provides a link allowing the domain searched for to be injected into the registrars' domain search form.

featured website example
Featured Websites

Good quality use case examples can be logged and categorized for use in registrar communications and on registry websites.

“Without Domain Analytics, it wouldn’t be possible for us to do what we do - analysing performance of campaigns and quick access to registrars and premium reporting”

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Predrag Lešić
CEO .ME Registry

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Business Intelligence Reports based on transactions

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Business Intelligence Reports based on transactions

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